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  1. Create an interactive experience

Incorporating interactive elements in your booth design will allow for a more positive, engaging attendee experience. Designate certain areas within your booth as product demonstration spots. When you demonstrate how your equipment works, the prospect is given the opportunity to try the product prior to their purchase to reduce perceived risk. According to Event Marketing Institute, 80% of people who purchased a product or service that was promoted at an event were influenced to purchase after sampling, using, or seeing a product/service demonstration.

Product promotional videos displayed on large monitors can act as attention grabbers and are a simple way to tell your company’s story. Touchscreen monitors further heighten the visitor’s experience while also allowing you to vary your message on demand. Additional experiential ideas include having your guests enter a prize drawing or giving them a complimentary beverage in exchange for their business card.

  1. Let the product sell itself by displaying it front and center

Your product should be the main focal point of your exhibit. Display products by integrating them in your booth design by adding custom shelves for your product to sit on or by incorporating built-in product display mounts. Spotlights, uplighting, and colored lights will also help highlight your featured products. Avoid cluttering your booth by only showcasing your most popular and newly released product offerings.

  1. Opt for modular displays for ultimate design flexibility

A modular booth design provides a cost-effective solution for event versatility. This display type can be reconfigured from show to show to cater to multiple booth sizes and individual trade show needs. Exhibitors can easily add or subtract booth components to fit unique trade show booth size requirements. Multiple configuration options allow exhibitors to expand or downsize their booth while varying their booth presentation at different shows.

Trade show booth sizes

  1. Think sturdy, yet light

Ideally, your booth should be strong enough for a person to lean on, however lightweight so that your freight and labor costs are minimized. Booth assets should be comprised of durable materials that can tolerate rugged cross-country or international shipping. Fabric displays are a great option to reduce shipping weight. Take this quick quiz to discover the weight of varying trade show booth designs that combine fabric elements alongside other materials.

  1. Provide a welcoming, trendy, comfortable area for attendees to sit

Make your guests feel at home by featuring furniture you would buy for your house rather than your office space. A relaxed furnished section provides an escape to have private sales conversations without the pressure instilled by a stuffy office setting. This will help create an informal meeting environment.

When creating your next trade show display, be sure to include an interactive, modular design that spotlights best-selling products and provides a welcoming overall environment.