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Are You Ready for Millennials and Gen Z to Run Your Company?

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By 2025, Millennials (roughly defined as those born between 1980-1997) will comprise 75% of the workforce. Additionally, Generation Z (born between 1998-2013) is poised to begin joining the labor pool. What can you do to prepare for this trend? How can your company recruit younger employees and keep them happy, engaged, and productive?

“Sincerity is key,” according to Ariel Cope, human resources director at The Next Step. It’s important to genuinely appreciate people and the skills they bring to your business, she said.

Demonstrating sincere intentions begins during the hiring process. Here are three tips to make sure your company’s positive culture is visible to prospective hires:

  1. Be transparent: Share the company’s values, goals, and expectations with prospective candidates. This includes providing clear job descriptions, discussing the company’s values and mission, and putting a salary range in the job posting. “Too many companies avoid the talk of money because it’s uncomfortable,” Cope says. By being honest and clear, you build trust with candidates.
  2. Show appreciation and respect: Companies can also demonstrate a positive culture by being considerate throughout the hiring process. For example, thank candidates for their time and effort, provide prompt responses to inquiries or questions, and show interest in the candidate’s experience and qualifications. By treating candidates with respect and appreciation, companies exhibit their commitment to valuing the contributions of all employees.
  3. Encourage open communication: During the hiring process, provide opportunities for candidates to ask questions and provide feedback. This can include setting up informational interviews, providing contact information for HR representatives or hiring managers, and inviting candidates to provide feedback on the hiring process. This shows a commitment to collaboration, transparency, and continuous improvement. “You have to be fully understanding of what the applicant is looking for,” Cope said.

Being sincere and transparent during the hiring process helps companies to attract and retain top talent, build a positive reputation in the industry, and create a supportive and productive work environment.