Who We Are

Jeff Radichel, Founder

Like you, we are bred to be the best and are always working to improve the system to the highest levels of performance possible. We have and continue to work in the trenches on the factory floor, in the field doing hands-on research, and collaborating with the top experts in our disciplines to ensure that what we provide you is not only going to get you to your goals as fast as possible, but also help you build your tool set and knowledge base.

Our purpose is to help small business owners simplify the complexities of their business and maximize profits. We focus on manufacturing companies who are smaller than $50 million, product driven, continuous improvement focused, and transparent in their communication. We bring our unique expertise in the manufacturing sector and our rolodex of resources to help answer the critical questions that will bring clarity to the problems you face. We will help you build out your systems and market intelligence to get to your goals more quickly, achieving in days or weeks what others take months or years to accomplish.

Why you would want to choose us:

1. “You” Focused   Building a one-of-a-kind system tailored to your business, focusing on your needs, and your agenda.

2. Dynamic   We only work with companies who want to grow, stay a step ahead of the competition, innovate, and as a result dominate their market.

3. Authentic   We believe in being real, speaking the truth, and providing you with the best evidence, trusting you will find the most intelligent solution.

4. Achievers   Where others show up to sit around and talk, we show up to get it done for YOU, the customer, period.

Our Process

We believe that you likely have most of the answers within the walls of your building.  We are masters of asking the right questions and applying the right tools so you can achieve the desired results.  Our mission is to bring you the best in class tools and give you our 10,000+ hours of experience to take you to Mastery.  Call us to help you take The Next Step.