Manufacturing & Engineering 3D Render Application

How many times have your engineering team found themselves in a position where they can’t get the perfect photo of a component deeply ingrained in your product?

You are not the only one that might have struggled with this in the past. With tight product management deadlines, having a manual in place before a product launch is a challenging task.

3D Renders offer a simple solution to very laborious work. By using CAD files as the source, we can help you create imagery based on 3D renders that are worthy of a highly detailed manual.

This process allows you to have imagery that is vectorized as we can see below and images that are greyscale rendered to showcase the capability of your product to its fullest potential.

Not only for manual use, but 3D renders also allow you to showcase full-color photo-realistic images in all literature created after your product launches, such as spec sheets, data sheets, product brochures, and so much more.

Let’s stop worrying about having a blurry image for your next product launch. Let’s work together to create a 3D Render for your product. Not only a cost-effective option but a time-effective option as well.

Lion Precision ECL101 User Guide cover

Lion Precision Manual Beauty Shots

Defender Product Line Art

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