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LinkedIn Optimization for Manufacturers

Does your manufacturing organization have a strategy to utilize LinkedIn as an effective lead generation and brand awareness tool? Ensuring your LinkedIn company page is up-to-date, consistently engaging with your followers, and networking via industry groups are ways to successfully use LinkedIn to its full potential. Now we will take a look at four key elements of your company’s LinkedIn strategy.

  1. On your company’s LinkedIn page, use imagery and messaging to share your brand’s story

It is important to analyze your company’s LinkedIn page for completeness and marketability. The main profile picture on your business page should consist of your company’s logo with a recommended 1:1 ratio size of 400 x 400 px. The cover image on your company page should be eye-catching and on-brand. The ideal cover image size is 1128 x 191 px to best display on desktop as well as mobile devices. In the “About” overview section of your company page, use the 2,000-character limit to tell the story about your company in a compelling manner. Optimize your company’s LinkedIn page through branded visuals and storytelling.

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  1. Post content that educates and engages as opposed to “sells” to your followers

The key to marketing is creating value for your customers and you can do this effectively on LinkedIn by developing content that prospects and customers look forward to rather than dread. Steer clear of highly sale-oriented messaging as this can create a negative association with your brand as followers choose to ignore your posts instead of engaging with them. One such valuable engagement tool is the power of video. LinkedIn video posts receive three times more engagement than text posts. Additionally, industry articles and expertise posts help build thought leadership.

Post types that attract positive engagement include:

  • Videos
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Promotional flyers
  • Industry articles
  • Project spotlights
  • Awards
  1. Be consistent in your posting routine but remember to post quality content over quantity

When deciding to “up” your LinkedIn game, be sure to set a manageable goal for the number of posts you would like to publish within a specified time period. A good plan is to post 3-5 times per week including a mix of original content and shared content from reputable external sources. One way to enhance posting frequency is by sharing microposts (aka micro-blogs). Microposts allow users to share shorter content without the need to constantly create lengthy new content marketing pieces. To determine your company’s posting frequency level, be sure to research how often your competitors are posting on LinkedIn (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly). You will want to be in line with what your competitors are doing, perhaps even posting more often, but be sure to not sacrifice quality for increased quantity. Additionally, your LinkedIn posts should encompass a consistent brand personality. This brand “voice” brings a human element to your company’s page making it more relatable to your intended audience. Posting quality content several times per week with a dependable brand personality will help keep your followers loyal now and into the future.

  1. Join industry groups and actively participate in discussions to grow your network

When you join manufacturing and other industry-related groups on LinkedIn, you open yourself up for the opportunity to meet individuals in your field with similar interests you may not have otherwise met that could potentially lead you to your next sale. Once you join groups, participate in group discussions by sharing thought-provoking questions and occasionally providing your expertise. These groups can help your organization stay up to date regarding the latest and top trending industry news. Actively engaging in industry group discussions can help expand your network, enable future sales opportunities, and lets you stay in the know about industry news.

LinkedIn is a great way to drive leads and promote your brand to a highly targeted industry audience. Now is the time to make the most of this networking tool by telling your brand’s story on your company’s page, sharing engaging educational content, posting consistently, and actively participating in industry groups.