Marketing Manager

Brief info

What do you do in your role at The Next Step?
My role at The Next Step is to help our clients with their digital marketing strategies, taking them from vision and planning to tactical execution. I ensure that our clients reach their goals through specific conversion funnels with their digital assets which include: website, social media, advertising, etc.

How/when did you first become interested in this type of work?
In my second year of University, I was fortunate enough to become a social media content writer for a programming company where I got the chance to conduct various marketing activities for specific brands helping build awareness in Latin America. After I got a taste of the marketing world, I never looked back. My passion for consistent growth and change continued as I became a digital marketing specialist for multiple industries internationally.

What aspect of your job brings you the most satisfaction?
With my insatiable thirst and hunger for knowledge, I’m constantly seeking to learn new things every day, whether it be from a new marketing activity, collaborating with a new client, or working with my awesome team. I get to do all of that at TNS. TNS also gives me the freedom to creatively express my ideas and create real change for my clients and our internal processes. Lastly, I find special satisfaction in helping our clients reach their goals. Knowing that they are happy with the work that we've completed for them keeps me going every day.

If you have a pet, what do you most enjoy about them?
I have two cats, I love playing with them and feel their purring over me when they sleep.

What unusual, non-work-related skills do you possess?
Tetris in real life: everything always fits, applies for luggage, house organization, boxes, etc.

‍Certifications and Credentials
• Certified in Google Fundamentals, Display, and Search
• Masters Degree in Digital Marketing

‍Homebase: San Salvador, El Salvador
‍Languages: English, Spanish

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