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Do you need someone to fill a skill gap or to build around it on your team? Want help managing the load of projects on your plate? Looking for support to increase your production capacity to whatever sales promised? Sometimes as an operations leader, you just need help leveraging your time!

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Strapped for resources?

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Like you, we have managed operations and understand that given the resources or time, you would likely do it yourself. Yet every year it seems to get more challenging to find new ways to reduce costs and improve the process. Our intent is to be a fresh set of eyes and see the things that you would see when you walk into someone else’s shop. Think of us as your utility man!

Step 1:

  • Vision Organization
  • Policy Deployment
  • People Analyzer
  • KPI Development
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Prioritization of Key Problems
  • Data Architecture

Step 2:

  • Kaizen/5S Events
  • Physical Plant Transformation
  • Supply Chain Development
  • Master Scheduling
  • Process Engineering
  • Project Management
  • ISO Implementation
  • Preventative Maintenance

Step 3:

  • KPI Review
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • SQDC (Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost)
  • Safety Audits
  • Quality/ISO Audits
  • Service Level Review
  • Costdown Initiatives
  • Financial Analysis

Step 4:

  • Culture Transformation
  • SOP Development
  • Lean Training
  • Integration
  • Onsite Leadership
  • Mentorship
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Stay On Track

I need A Thousand Shipped By Friday!

You are studied in the art of Lean or Six Sigma. As you know, conducting Kaizen or 5S events is not rocket science. It just takes time, of which you have none because someone in sales decided to sign up the company for an unrealistic deadline to ship product...and didn’t tell you...until the week it had to ship. It’s OK, we get it, Operations is always cleaning up the mess.

Tackle Your Goals

Key Benefits

Sometimes you just need a problem taken care of and someone you trust to hand it to. As lean champions, we are passionate about bringing a team around a problem that needs solving. We like rolling up our sleeves to do the work, so you don’t have too!

What Success Looks Like
• More time for you
• Better clarity for areas of improvement
• Teams that will help you drive the change
• Less stress

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Time to clarify


Our goal is to keep it simple. We work together to ensure we understand the core value of the company and the offering to the customer. With that, we map the elements and metrics to define success. Then we execute!



Start by filling out a form and letting us know your company values, your offers to your customer, and your vision.



We'll meet to talk over your goals. Then, we will discuss the best way to tackle the tasks you bring our way.


Build a Business Plan

We will take your goals and turn them into steps and recommendations for success. We will run the plan past you and refine it.


Map Out Timelines and Deliver

Finally we will set objectives in order to implement your vision efficiently, and execute the plan.


What Do Our CLients Say?

We have a history of making other business leaders’ lives easier. From manufacturing to marketing, our clients have achieved their visions and grown their business with our help. Hear their story and take your business goals to the next step.

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As those who have run technical product businesses, we understand you’re already strapped for time and are pressed for growth and execution. The Next Step, Inc. brings a team of battle-tested, driven simplifiers who are wired for problem-solving. Our motto is pretty simple: No homework for the customer and one less problem to solve.

What business problems do you need help with? We’ll deliver the results. Contact us today.

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