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The Next Step brings a team of battle-tested Driven Simplifiers who are wired for problem solving. Our motto is simple: No homework and one less problem for our customer. Look at the careers we offer and see if you have what it takes to join our team of business mercenaries!

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who we are


Yeah, we're a bunch of growth oriented, metric driven, type A, continuous improvement drivers who enjoy knocking out tasks and having some fun in the process. Yet as a team, our discussions revolve around MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and how we are delivering measurable value for our customers.

It’s why we hire people that Build Trust, Advocate for Others and have a Mindset for Growth.



We display character and competence, building long-term relationships through transparency, mutual respect, and our consistent ability to deliver results.



We tirelessly support the cause of our clients and teammates, responding quickly to their needs and giving them confidence through our execution.

Mindset for


We willingly hold ourselves accountable for our own development, always struggling to learn, undaunted in criticism and setbacks, and knowing that hard work will always trump ability.

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Account Manager

Function: Sales

Location: Remote but residing in the Twin Cities metro area.

Employment Type: Contractor

This person will be the client’s point person and will ensure our internal team is meeting the goals and timelines of the client.