Dennis Stoffels, Owner, Ursa Major

I had been trying to get the business to the point where I could step back and not be as involved with the day to day operations, without much success. We have tried several different approaches and several different managers and none of those got sustainable results.

We have been working with Jeff at The Next Step for about two months and we have made more progress than over the last 5 years. He was able to come in and work with our Team and create systems to eliminate wasted time and effort. He was also good at working with the different personalities involved and uncovers the underlying issues. I would highly recommend him.


James Werler, President, Chemstar Products Company

I was introduced to Jeff by a colleague who had knowledge of a difficult marketing/product positioning problem that my company, Chemstar, was faced with. Being a technically creative manufacturer of water soluble starch polymers, we realized that our old methods of product development were not as effective when aimed towards newer and different market spaces. Jeff understood precisely what needed to change. Jeff was hired on a consultant basis and got busy. 6 weeks down the path, we now own a clear vision and template for New Product Development predicated on market data. This guy is 110% devoted to the science of business and product development.