Technical Writer

Brief info

What do you do in your role at The Next Step?
A day as a technical writer has a lot of range (which is what I love about this work!); I can move between content optimization, copy editing, social media strategy, and so much more!

How/when did you first become interested in this type of work?
I discovered technical writing while I was studying at the University of Minnesota and became so excited about the endless possibilities that this form of writing can be applied to. I love working with different modes of communication to meet certain goals!

What aspect of your job brings you the most satisfaction?
At the end of the day, I love knowing that I helped people in some way. Whether that is in growing their business, improving their communication skills, or just making their day-to-day a little bit easier.

If you have a pet, what do you most enjoy about them?
My cat, Maizy, can make anyone laugh and reminds me to not take life too seriously.

How do you like to spend your free time?
Anything outside, really. Skiing, hiking, slack-lining, growing name it!

Certifications and Credentials
- University of Minnesota - B.S. Technical Writing & Communication for Public Health