Digital Media Buyer / Planner

Brief info

What do you do in your role at The Next Step?
I am a Digital Media Buyer and Media Planner, my role is to identify the best way to reach our client’s clients, optimize budget and resources, driven by KPI’s and staying on top of the latest news on media platforms.

How/when did you first become interested in this type of work?
A little over 10 years ago, when I started as a Community Manager at a Programming and Design Agency with no experience, I quickly realized that I was on the right path.

What aspect of your job brings you the most satisfaction?
Recollecting and organizing data. Having historical information can help me see patterns on which to base my decisions and being able to have the numbers accessible and organized is a priority for me.

‍If you have a pet, what do you most enjoy about them?
I have 2 adopted dogs, Nena and Thanos. They are both mutts and have opposite personalities. Nena is the oldest but the smallest in size, grumpy, territorial, and a little crazy. Thanos is the youngest but the biggest in size, sweet, scaredy-cat, and always in need of affection. I love watching them go through life, enjoying everything with their larger-than-life personalities.

How do you like to spend your free time?
I love listening to music, finding new bands I like, analyzing lyrics, or enjoying the beat.

Credentials and Certifications
– Bachelor’s degree in Marketing
– Certified in Google Fundamentals, Display, and Apps

Homebase: San Salvador, El Salvador
Languages: Spanish and English

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