Project Engineering Manager

Brief info

What do you do in your role at The Next Step?
In my role, I serve The Next Step Inc. customers with market research information to identify new opportunities and support the most informed decision-making. With a strong engineering background, I also support projects in new product development and cost reduction initiatives.

How/when did you first become interested in this type of work?
I have always had a passion for product development and engineering-related projects but always found solid market research to be a critical missing link in the process. I acquired the desire for market research out of necessity in determining where development efforts can be applied for the highest return on investment.

‍What aspect of your job brings you the most satisfaction?
I always desire to be a trusted “right hand” to The Next Step Inc. clients as an extension of their team. True satisfaction comes when clients can achieve their goals as a result of our combined efforts.

‍If you have a pet, what do you most enjoy about them?
No pets, my 4 kids between the ages of 1 and 7 keep us busy enough!

‍How do you like to spend your free time?
My free time is mostly spent in my shop, either fixing machinery, restoring a car, or building something with my CNC router or 3D printer.

Certifications and Credentials
- B.S. Mechanical Engineering
- M.S. Engineering Management
- Volunteer Student Robotics Coach

Homebase: Langford, SD USA