Your product has just been re-launched with a cool new feature. Your team spent weeks coming up with the marketing strategy and you are waiting for the new leads to roll in…but they don’t. What’s worse is that you notice you’ve even lost some of your established customer base. You think, “But this is exactly what they expressed interest in last year.” So, what gives?

You are not alone. There is no college degree in Product Management. That is why we have built a course to equip you with everything you need to be a top performer and to drive your product to new levels of success. Our Product Management Training aims to bring clarity to the nuanced field of product management so that you can lead your team to increased revenue, improved ROIs, and satisfied customers.


Our training is not a snooze-fest lecture series where you retain 10% of the information once you have stepped outside of the building. That would be a waste of everybody’s time. Instead, you will work alongside fellow product managers to complete the work you already have for your job using the latest best practices in the industry. Master and apply tools that will lead you to understand the ideal market segment for your company, gaps in products offered, and how you stack up against your competitors. Additionally, you’ll be able to discern which are the most important features of your product, which ones the customer is willing to pay more for, and which features the customer doesn’t care about. With these insights, you’ll be able to save time and money with more targeted marketing that is backed by in-depth research. That’s right, no more launching and promoting of features that will actually hurt your reputation.

How you’ll get there

The basis of our training focuses on doing the work with you. Collaborate with expert product managers on a combination of qualitative and quantitative research tools.  

Whether you are a rookie PM or well-seasoned in the industry, you will master: 

  • VOC. Experience deep dives into buyer personas, customer journeys, and segmentation.
  • Commercialization. Conquer NPD by taking your team leadership to the next level.
  • Marketing. Dig into the best ways to promote your product with the latest in analytic tools. Identify what is and isn’t working in your current marketing campaigns. 

We aren’t looking to talk at you and then send you back out the door. The majority of the training will be spent bouncing ideas off of PMs from other companies and our experts, so that you can leave each part of the training journey with new product inspiration and tactics to show your team. 

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    Why US?

    Why us? Why not just Google all the aforementioned terms and apply them to the product yourself? Through our course, you’ll learn how to take these research tools a couple steps further and connect the dots. Being able to interpret the data is even more important than knowing how to find it. How do CAGR and attractiveness intersect? What is the evolution of the Kano model? Does the customer even know what they want?

    Unfortunately, research experience can’t be quicky acquired, it takes time and trial-and-error (heavy emphasis on error. Our product management experts have dedicated years to understanding the different marketing analytical tools and are passionate about making the learning process easier for you than it was for them. We’ve made the mistakes. We’ve pushed products after listening to internal teams rather than the customer. We’ve taken on the assault of leadership teams that ask questions that seem built more to trip us up than help the conversation. We get it. Let us guide you past all the missteps that are commonly made in NPD so that you can ensure product success.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    The time to get ahead on Market Research and NPD is now. Join the training community by filling out the form above. If you don’t feel like this training is right for you, that’s okay! If you are sure you’ve mastered these research tools but still need assistance later on in the development process, we’ve got you covered. From physical plant transformations to onsite leadership, check out how our operations services could benefit you. Or, if your plate is feeling full and you need help with social media management and SEO, enlist our marketing help here.
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    As those who have run technical product businesses, we understand you’re already strapped for time and are pressed for growth and execution. The Next Step, Inc. brings a team of battle-tested, driven simplifiers who are wired for problem-solving. Our motto is pretty simple: No homework for the customer and one less problem to solve.

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