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We know you have too much to accomplish and not enough time in the day. That’s why we offer a full range of services to take any project off your hands and give you back your time. From increasing sales and brand awareness to managing new product development projects, we have the necessary expertise to grow your business. Tell us what you need during our free consultation and we’ll deliver you the results.  

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As a consulting agency with a history of serving
manufacturing companies, we specialize in:



From PhD level researchers to SEO gurus, engineers writing content to top-notch designers, we got you covered.



Our intent is to be a fresh set of eyes, seeing the things that you would only see when you walk into someone else’s shop. Your utility man!



Having lived in each seat of the engineering process, we understand how the elements work together to drive projects.



Trying to answer tough questions like how to increase qualified leads and grow revenue? It’s time to hire your data guru!

What makes us unique


Build Trust

We display character and competence, building long-term relationships through transparency, mutual respect, and our consistent ability to deliver results.


Advocate For Others

We tirelessly support the cause of our clients and teammates, responding quickly to their needs, and giving them confidence through our execution.


Be Growth Minded

We willingly hold ourselves accountable for our own development, always endeavoring to learn, undaunted by criticism and setbacks, knowing that hard work will always trump ability.

Time to clarify


Our goal is to keep it simple. We work together to ensure we understand the core value of the company and the offering to the customer. With that, we map the elements and metrics to define success. Then we execute!



Start by filling out a form and letting us know your company values, your offers to your customer, and your vision.



We'll meet to talk over your goals. Then, we will discuss the best way to tackle the tasks you bring our way.


Build a Business Plan

We will take your goals and turn them into steps and recommendations for success. We will run the plan past you and refine it.


Map Out Timelines and Deliver

Finally we will set objectives in order to implement your vision efficiently, and execute the plan.

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We're Ready To Help

As those who have run technical product businesses, we understand you’re already strapped for time and are pressed for growth and execution. The Next Step, Inc. brings a team of battle-tested, driven simplifiers who are wired for problem-solving. Our motto is pretty simple: No homework for the customer and one less problem to solve.

What business problems do you need help with? We’ll deliver the results. Contact us today.

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